Akiva Goldstein


From an early foundation in his family’s repair business, to the foundation of his own thriving IT services company, Akiva Goldstein has been committed to providing quality service and support to customers for over 30 years. Learn more about his professional journey and how he’s carried on the family tradition while carving his own path.


As a child, Akiva grew up surrounded by the entrepreneurial spirit. His family’s tradition of business ownership spanned 5 generations, and he was born with the same drive. Every spring and summer, Akiva helped out his grandfather at Long Beach Glass by repairing window screens in order to pay for baseball cards and video games. The experience taught him what running a successful and honest company was all about.

When Harry Goldstein (aka “Poppy”) retired and closed the family business, 14-year-old Akiva asked him if perhaps he should try to fix screens on his own. With a half burnt, half chewed cigar hanging out of his mouth, Poppy said, “If you’re gonna start out on your own, I’m gonna front you the supplies.” So off they went to the local hardware store, and with an investment of a few hundred bucks, Akiva’s new career path was off to a solid start. After 4 summers spent working, planning and learning how to run a business, young Akiva had found his unique strengths and affirmed his destiny. He had been bit by the self-employment bug.


Akiva & his grandfather, Harry Goldstein


In college, he started a small T-shirt design company and fell in love with business software such as Microsoft Excel and Access. As he experimented with different business ideas, he continued to embrace emerging technology, which gave him the power to manage day-to-day operations more efficiently.

In 1997, Akiva officially began his IT career by working for small consulting firms, while earning his Microsoft and Cisco certifications. In addition to learning about networking and tech support, he began to recognize common issues and complaints from various employers and their clientele. Too often, a company’s poor communication methods and slow response times caused the loss of clients and created economic difficulties.

While working for one of the struggling consulting companies, Akiva started marketing his IT services on the side. In 2001, he was invited to meet with a Canadian Wealth Management firm that had a satellite office in Manhattan.  The pitch was simple. By offering a guaranteed 60-minute response time that no established competitor could match, plus a free 2-week trial period, Akiva closed his first corporate deal. He called his new business OnsiteIn60 to describe his steadfast commitment to providing in-person support with unprecedented response times.


Training the next generation!


Eighteen years later, OnsiteIn60 continues to support companies throughout the East Coast with all of their IT Management needs.  By listening to clients and being willing to evolve, Akiva has greatly expanded OnsiteIn60’s service offerings beyond core network maintenance & desktop support. Over the years, OnsiteIn60 has added services such as office technology relocation, new server room design & setup, complete network cabling installations, cloud services, WordPress and SEO management, application development, and scalable database solutions.

Recognizing the importance of giving back to the community, Akiva passionately supports a number of nonprofit organizations. By leveraging a lifetime of vendor relationship-building skills and business integrity, Akiva is able to procure discounted hardware & software and offer IT services for free or drastically reduced rates on flexible terms.

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