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As cybercrime is on the rise, organizations large and small are facing an increased risk of cyberattacks. Security vulnerabilities can enable cybercriminals to access confidential data, so it’s becoming critical to identify and eliminate weaknesses before they can be misused.

At OnsiteIn60, we offer a comprehensive vulnerability assessment that provides information on the security gaps and gives directions on how to assess their risks. This process offers your organization a better understanding of its assets and security flaws, reducing the likelihood of security breach.

Depending on goals, the assessment process can cover some or all of the following services aimed to gather security data about your network:

Network-based scans
Identify possible network security attacks.

Host-based scans
Locate vulnerabilities in servers, workstations and other network hosts.

Wi-Fi network scans
Focus on points of attack in the wireless network infrastructure.

Application scans
Test websites to detect software vulnerabilities in network or web applications.

Database scans
Identifies weaknesses in a database to prevent malicious attacks.

Penetration testing
Identifies vulnerabilities in an organization’s personnel, procedures or processes


Identify and map

critical assets

Test and detect


Assess and

weigh threats

Define solutions to

minimize risks


Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to classic yet dangerous threats like malware, malicious attacks and cybertheft. These cyberattacks are aimed at accessing or destroying critical information, extorting money or interrupting normal business processes. Our IT security consulting and services can help ensure your business works smoothly – even in the event of a security attack.

  • Malware Protection

    Malware or “malicious software”, seeks to compromise your data. It can steal, encrypt or delete your sensitive information. Our antimalware program helps to prevent, detect and remove malicious software from your entire IT system, as well as individual devices.

  • Ransomware Protection

    A ransomware virus is a sophisticated form of malware that locks your computer data, then forces you to pay to restore access. We provide a set of solutions that help to detect ransomware threats, prevent them from infecting your systems, and recover quickly in case of attack.

  • Data Loss Prevention

    Your business data can land in the wrong hands whether it’s sent through email, website forms, file transfers or other means. Our DLP technologies include solutions that prevent your sensitive data from being sent accidentally or intentionally outside the corporate network.

  • Firewall Security

    Firewall security blocks the spread of computer attacks, just like a wall which was constructed to halt the spread of fire.It essentially works to filter out dangerous traffic. We use advanced types of firewall solutions which identify specific dangers at a granular level.



We believe that IT services should be competent, affordable and adjusted to your business requirements. For this reason, we have developed a flexible range of IT support plans – from fully managed to proactive assistance.

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